Build Release Notes 2024.1

Learn about new features and improvements in the February 2024 release of Dalux desktop (version 2024.1). A short description of each listed change is found in the changelog, while the full description for them can be found further below.


Metadata purposes highlight.png Location Improvements highlight.png
Box: New Submittals Feature Model Validation: Metadata Purposes Feature Locations: Improvements 

This update introduces the new submittals feature to Dalux Box (Pro). Submittals are used to manage and track planned file submittals. Submittals can help you to quickly and easily define what information is expected, and who is to provide, review, and approve the information. 

Introducing the new 'Metadata purposes' feature, which enables the validation of metadata within the model. This feature serves to verify that the property requirements are being met, similar to the requirements outlined in an ICT agreement. It builds upon the Model validation feature that was introduced last year. 

With this release, the Locations module is getting several improvements to its features and the UI/UX. Improvements like having multiple cuts on the model at the same time, drawings now utilizing vector graphics, displaying 3D objects on 2D drawings, better measuring, and more.



ReleaseNotes_box.png Box

ReleaseNotes_field.png Field

ReleaseNotes_infrafield-large.png Infrastructure

ReleaseNotes_companyprofile.png Company Profile

ReleaseNotes_handover.png Handover

ReleaseNotes_tender.png Tender

ReleaseNotes_General.png General & Plugins


ReleaseNotes_location.png LOCATIONS

Locations: Multiple Cuts

You can now make multiple cuts at the same time when looking at the model in Locations. The different cuts will each have a different color to distinguish them. To add another cut, simply click on another element, click the DaluxIcon_chevron-down.png-icon beneath 'Cut', and click 'Add cut':

DA-39974 Locations Multiple Cuts.png


Display 3D Object on 2D Drawings (PC Only)

With this feature, you will be able to display 3D objects on 2D drawings by color-coding them when filtering by objects on drawings, using DaluxIcon_cube.pngView Objects, giving you more information when viewing a 2D drawing:

DA-49694 Colorcoded objects on drawings.png

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Vector Graphics: Higher Resolution Auto Drawings and Line Snapping

New auto drawings from BIM models are now created with vector graphics. This raises the overall quality of the drawings, allowing for much better zooming and line snapping for measurements and mapping.

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Snapping for Drawings When Mapping to Levels

When mapping a drawing to a level, the A and B points will now snap to both the uploaded drawing and the auto drawing that is generated by Dalux from the model. This is done using the previously mentioned vector graphics change. Note that, before being able to do this, you need to reprocess the building and when mapping you need to place both points A and B, before the snapping is enabled:

DA-44540 Snapping for drawings when mapping to levels.png

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Measure Improvements

Improvements have been made to the 'Point to point' and 'Laser' measurement tools. More information is now displayed, and you can manipulate the laser measurement by clicking the arrows on the measure lines:

DA-39384 Measure improvements.png


Wider Filter Selections in Locations

Filter windows in Locations now scale to fit the length of information, such as file names. This makes it easier to set up and customize filters.

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Removed 'Element' Hide and Isolate in Object Selection Dropdown

Previously, in Locations, it was possible to choose an 'Element' sub-option for the 'Hide' and 'Isolate' options, when selecting an object on the model. However, this sub-option has been removed because it was unnecessary and duplicated the main button's functionality.


ReleaseNotes_box.png BOX


This update introduces the new submittals feature to Dalux Box (Pro). Submittals are used to manage and track planned file submittals. Submittals can help you to quickly and easily define what information is expected, and who is to provide, review, and approve the information. Read more here.



Model Validation: Metadata Purposes

Introducing the new "Metadata purposes" feature, which enables the validation of metadata within the model. This feature serves to verify that the property requirements are being met, similar to the requirements outlined in an ICT agreement. It builds on the Model validation feature that was introduced last year. Read more here.

Metadata purposes highlight.png


Clash Detection: View Filtered Out Objects in Clashes

A new button has been added, making it possible to view objects that were filtered out when a clash was selected. These objects will be without color, to show that they are not part of the clash:

DA-56189 View objects (Color white) in Clash Detection.png


Clash Detection: 'Isolate' and 'Hide' For Advanced Filters

When creating filters in 'Requirements' or when using the advanced filters ('My checks'), you can now choose whether the selection should isolate or hide the selected objects:

DA-56235 Hide and isolate for clash filters.png

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Clash Detection: Box Cut Enabled for Clashes

By clicking the 'C'-key on the keyboard a Box cut will be created around the selected clash making it possible to further focus on specific details of clashes in the model:

DA-57401 Box cut for clash detection.png

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Clash Detection: Highlight Objects with Mouseover

When hovering your mouse over a clash in the clash list on the right of the screen, it will highlight the objects involved in that clash. This makes it easier to see where the clash is, before selecting it.


Set Deadline for Last Step in File Flows

When assigning a user/user group to the last step of a file flow, you can now add a deadline to the last step as well.


Communication Channel: Specify Comment Type on Creation

You can now choose the comment type for a new communication channel on creation. This is done to streamline the creation process and reduce the amount of clicks.


Metadata Columns for "Published/Shared" (Date) and "Published/Shared by" (User)

New metadata Columns for "Published/Shared" (Date) and "Published/Shared by" (User) within the approvals for shared files/authorization for published files views.


Attachments Column Added to Mail Archives

Easily sort and filter emails containing attached files in mail archives with the 'Attachments' column in the list views. Please note that only attachments (files, photos, etc.) are tracked, and not inline images in the email itself.


Publishing Log

With this log, you can see the history of changes made to files that were published either directly or through a file flow. The log can be found under the Box settings.


ReleaseNotes_field.png FIELD

Custom Report Templates

Custom report templates (Field Pro) allow you to create customized report templates, that you can use when printing tasks. You can create a worker report template and a status report template. Read more in our article about the feature here.

DA-42205 Custom report template.png


Construction Management Group in Field Renamed

The predefined user group previously called "Construction management" has been renamed to "Task and checklist coordinator". There are no changes to permissions for the user group.

This name better reflects the permissions of the group, which include being added to the creator role for all task and checklist workflows and can modify forms across all work packages and workflows.

DA-50800 Rename construction management to task and checklist coordinator.png


Safety Specific Section

Safety now has a section in the sidebar menu. This includes a dashboard and menus for each safety-related feature:

DA-42358 Safety specific section.png

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SiteWalk: Create New Tasks While Comparing SiteWalk and 3D

Tasks can be created while comparing a SiteWalk image and the 3D model. When doing so an image from the SiteWalk and the 3D model will be automatically added to the new task. Tasks can be created either on the SiteWalk image or on objects in the 3D model.

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See Linked Task ID and Status as Observer in the Task List View

When a user is added to the 'Field observers' user group, they will be able to see two new columns in the list view: 'Linked tasks' and 'Status of linked tasks'. Linked tasks can also be filtered by group:

DA-52743 Observers can see linked task ID and status in list view.png

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Thumbnails for Capture: Photo Albums

The new feature allows for the display of images in photo albums using thumbnails in a grid view, providing a visually intuitive method to locate a specific image instead of relying on a list view:

DA-46937 Capture photo album image view.png

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Daily Log: Status Messages Include More Info About Changes

Status messages will now include more information about changes to it. It will for example both show who sent it in and who approved it.


Task Reminders Included in Single Report Export

If the 'Task reminder templates' feature is activated on the project, task reminders will be included in the single report export when choosing to 'Include attachments'.


Quantities Popover Filter Improvement

Only the property values passing an active filter will now be displayed in the filter popover. So if you for example have filtered by Category > Ducts, you will no longer be able to choose/filter by a 'Type' that doesn't fall under the 'Ducts' category.


Extend Overview Improvement: Hide Zone Layers Without Extend

When looking at the extend overview, zone layers without an extend are now hidden from the view. If there is extend on a single zone in a zone layer, all the zones in the layer will still be visible.


Approval Multi-Close Can Fill in Required Fields

It is now possible to utilize the approval flow feature to prompt the final user to fill in the necessary fields when closing multiple approvals simultaneously. This can be achieved by selecting multiple approvals and clicking on the 'Approve, close' option.


Hyperlink to Reports When Exporting Test- and Inspection Plans

When exporting test plans and inspection plans, hyperlinks are placed in the Excel spreadsheet that links the inspection points to the reports. These hyperlinks only work for documents and not tasks. The file must be unzipped for the hyperlinks to work.


ReleaseNotes_infrafield-large.png INFRASTRUCTURE

Jump to the Next/Previous Station in Cross Sections

You can easily jump between your station increments when viewing the cross-section by using the 'Move to station' arrows. This automatically jumps back or forward in the cross-section.

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Upload Multiple GIS Data and Import from Box

When adding GIS data to your map in InfraField projects multiple files can be selected from your computer. It is also possible to add GIS data from files uploaded to Box.

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Generate GIS Data

GIS data can be generated from simple text files or CSV files coming from surveyors or other sources. 

When adding GIS data select 'From file'. A template can be downloaded, data can be imported or input manually.

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Custom Styling for GIS Layers

GIS layers can be visually customized. When viewing a GIS layer in DaluxIcon_settings.pngSettings and clicking DaluxIcon_edit.pngEdit styling. This can help you organize your different GIS layers and make GIS layers more visible. For points, the shape can be changed, and for lines, you can select different strokes.

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Use WMS as Map Layers

The map layer options have been expanded and support the Web Map Service (WMS) format.

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Measurable Point Clouds Cuts in Cross Sections

Point clouds are better integrated into the cross-section view. The cloud point will be part of the 2D cut, and measurements can be used with the point cloud cross-section. This makes it easier to see relations between models and existing conditions.

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Use Chainage (PKs) to Generate Zones

Zones can now be generated using PKs. It is possible to assign PKs to generate the zones as an alternative to using distances.

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Map Search Button Moved

The 'Search' button on the map has been moved to the left on the screen and merged with the live coordinates.


ReleaseNotes_companyprofile.png COMPANY PROFILE

Communication Channels and Comment Types Added to Project Standard

Communication channels and Comment types have been added to the project standard making it possible to make a standard for these features across all of your projects.

DA-14354 Communication channels and commment types added to project standards.png


Mail Alerts: Checklists

When setting up mail alerts, it is now possible to also create checklist alerts.


Print Test Plans and Inspection Plans From the Company Profile

Print functionality has been added for test plans and inspection plans in the Field library section of the company profile.


Enable Box Features From Company Project Standard

The project standard can now automatically activate Box features for new projects. This means that when a new project is created using the project standard, certain features in Box can be enabled automatically. Some of the features that can be enabled include:

  • Version sets
  • Distribution lists
  • Mail archive
  • Comments
  • Review packages
  • QR codes on drawings


Activate Publishing for Safety Report From Company Profile

With the 2024.1 release, it will also be possible to “Enable sharing finisher report with everyone” on safety inspections in the company profile. This lets you activate the feature for all projects using the safety inspection template.


ReleaseNotes_handover.png HANDOVER

Change to Responders Asset Deletion Permissions

Responders will now only be allowed to delete an asset if it has been created by an individual within their own work package. For example, the responder cannot delete an asset if it was created by the building owner but would be able to delete it if it was something the responder created.


New Version of the BIM7aa Template for the Standard Template Library

There is a new version of the BIM7aa template available in the Handover standard template library. To get the new template, import from the template standard in the Handover settings.


ReleaseNotes_tender.png TENDER

Changes to Tender Messages

It is now more apparent if a file is attached when receiving an email about a Tender message.


ReleaseNotes_General.png GENERAL & PLUGINS

Revit Plugin Version 5.5.0

A new version of the Revit plugin has been released. With this update, the user experience has been improved and there has been further integration with the Model validation feature. Major changes:

  • Added a daluxicon_ChangeStatusIcon_bootleg.png Change Project button, that lets you swap between Dalux projects
  • Added a DaluxIcon_cube-grid.png ModelValidation button, which opens a 'model validation-only' Dalux Desktop instance where you can do clash checks. This feature works well with the next feature:
  • Added an DaluxIcon_open_in_new.png Open in Revit button in Dalux, under Model validation (Desktop only). This functionality makes it possible to open and go directly to the location of an object in Revit. Select the object, click the button and Revit will open and select the object for you.

Revit plugin.png

(Click the image to enhance)


Notifications Email Changes

Notification emails for project invitations, task updates, and comment updates are getting a facelift. They now display more information, and the task and comment updates let you jump directly to the task/comment. Changes for comments and tasks are now also included in the notification emails.


Tekla Plugin Version 1.5.1

A new version of the Tekla plugin has been released. This version also supports exporting UDA (User Defined Attributes) export, support for property groups in Tekla 2023 and other improvements.


ArchiCAD Plugin Version 1.7.1

A new version of the ArchiCAD plugin has been released. This version supports:

  • a new PDF exporter that is based on ArchiCADs pdofo-based PDF exporter
  • .daluxbim format is now used for exports


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