Build Release Notes 2024.2

See what's new in the May 2024 release of Dalux desktop (version 2024.2).

See our highlighted features, release video, and changelog below.

Improvements to custom reports Comment improvements Calendar view for meetings and general improvements

You can now print task custom reports from the inspection plan and checklist list views. It is also possible to create custom report templates in the company profile and to copy templates from one project to another. This makes it easier to use existing templates across different projects.

You can now duplicate comments and their markups to speed up creating new comments. Existing markups stay visible when creating new comments. Keyboard shortcuts have been added for markups. Comment statuses have also been added to the daily summary email.

A new calendar view has been added to meetings. You can now also search for terms or participants inside meeting minutes. A print button has been added inside meeting minutes and it is easier to control email notifications for changes in ongoing meetings. 




ReleaseNotes_General.png General changes


ReleaseNotes_box.png Box

ReleaseNotes_field.png Field

ReleaseNotes_infrafield-large.png InfraField

ReleaseNotes_handover.png Handover

ReleaseNotes_handover.png.png Owners Portal

ReleaseNotes_General.png General changes

Aligned naming for checklists

The term 'Forms' has been changed to checklists, so only 'Checklists' appear within Dalux. Functionalities are unchanged, but you will see 'Checklists' in Field and Settings.

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Easily navigate in list views with the 'Go to column' button

Navigating list views with many columns is now easier, as you can quickly jump to the columns you need, saving time from scrolling through the list.

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Set a temporary scale for measurements on drawings

In both Box and Locations, you can now set a temporary scale if the drawing doesn't have a scale in the metadata.

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Enhanced performance when using model validation

Model validation is now more responsive and snappy when checking for clashes and metadata validations.

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Start review from files

You can start a review from the files area without going through the submittal process. This feature creates a submittal, but skips the first steps and goes directly to 'Send to review' or 'Review' depending on the template used. To send to review, mark the file(s) from the subfolders, not 'All files'.

DA-56311 Start review from files.png

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Set up automatic distribution of submittal files

Customize submittal review flows to trigger a file flow or distribute approved files to different file areas. This allows you to automate what happens with the files when a submittal is approved, either sending it directly to shared/published files or starting an approval/authorization.

With this feature, it's important only to use the normal flow triggers or a submittal flow trigger.

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Add approved submittal files to distribution lists

When using distribution lists and submittals, you can automatically add approved files to one or more distribution lists by customizing the review workflows.

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Upload files directly to submittal placeholders

When a submittal has placeholders set up, files can now be uploaded directly to these. The uploaded file will be renamed to correspond with the placeholder name.

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Submittal metadata columns added to list views in Box

You can now see which submittal a file is from and the current submittal status of the file. These new columns can be added to the list views in daluxicon_box.pngBox.

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Show and restore deleted submittals

Deleted submittals can be seen and restored from DaluxIcon_settings.pngSettings DaluxIcon_chevron-right.png'Deleted submittals'.

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DaluxIcon_comment.png Comments

Duplicate comments

When the comment list is open while viewing a drawing, you can duplicate existing comments. This will create a new comment with a copy of the markup and property values of the existing comment, except for the title and description.

DA-57343 Duplicate comment.png

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Keyboard shortcuts for markups on comments

Support for keyboard shortcuts has been added to markups on comments:

  • 'Ctrl + Z' to undo an action.
  • 'Ctrl + C' and 'Ctrl + V' to copy and paste.
  • 'Enter' makes it possible to redo the last action. You can create an arrow, click 'Enter' and a new arrow can be drawn.
  • Hold 'Shift' and drag to select multiple markups.


Existing markups are visible when creating new comments

When creating new comments with markups on drawings or documents, existing markups now remain visible, this makes it easier to create new markups that do not conflict with existing ones.

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Comments added to daily digest emails

The daily summary for projects can now contain information on comments as well. This can be toggled on or off in your email notification settings.

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DaluxIcon_list-bulleted.png Distribution lists

Improved information sheet when sending distribution lists for printing

The data in the attached spreadsheet for sending distribution lists for print orders has been updated to contain more and better organized information.

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ReleaseNotes_field.png Field

DaluxIcon_safety-hat.png Safety

Acknowledge positive safety measures with 'Good practice' observations (Desktop only)

Safety managers can now acknowledge positive safety measures and precautions as a Good practice. A good practice can be created individually, or from safety observations. A good practice is visible to all users of the project.

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daluxicon_template.png Custom report templates

Custom task report printing from inspection plan view

You can now print task custom reports from the inspection plan and checklist list views.

DA-59065 Custom reports for inspection plans.png

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Custom report templates added to the company profile

Custom report templates can be created in the company profile and copied into projects.

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Custom report templates shared between projects 

Custom report templates can also be copied between projects, which makes it easier to reuse templates.

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daluxicon_meeting.png Meetings

Calendar view for meetings

A calendar view has been added to the meetings, allowing you to see all meetings in a new way. It is also possible to create meetings from the calendar view (meetings created from the calendar view as a draft without a start and end time, won't be shown in the calendar).

DA-61106 Calendar view for meetings.png

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Search inside of meeting minutes

The search bar in meetings now searches for attendees and meeting content.

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Hyperlinks in meeting descriptions

You can now easily add hyperlinks to meeting descriptions for sharing links to websites or online meeting rooms.

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Improved control of ongoing meeting notifications

When making changes to the meeting information of an ongoing meeting, you can either send email notifications to only added/deleted attendees, all attendees or not send a notification at all. 

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Print button added to meeting minutes

You can now print meeting minutes when viewing them. To print meeting minutes, they must be saved first. If you have made any changes to a meeting minute and wish to print it, you will be prompted to either save your changes first or print without changes.

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See the company and email for those responsible for meeting item

When selecting a responsible person for meeting items, their company and email are also shown.

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DaluxIcon_sitewalk.png SiteWalk

Updated interface when comparing SiteWalks

It's now easier to toggle between 360 images and the 3D model when comparing SiteWalks. You can now also pick the SiteWalk date from both windows.

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SiteWalks sorts by latest SiteWalk

The default SiteWalk gallery view has been changed, so that SiteWalks are sorted by the creation date, showing the latest SiteWalk first.

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Attach screenshots from SiteWalks to tasks

You can use images from SiteWalks as task attachments. This lets you attach cropped versions of SiteWalk views as image documentation to tasks. The images can also be annotated.

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DaluxIcon_record.png Capture - 360 photos

Attach 360 photos to tasks

Two additional options when adding attachments to tasks are available both when creating new tasks and when adding to existing tasks. You can add images from both 360 photos and from SiteWalks:

DA-62346 Attach image to tasks from 360.png

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Better 360 photos overview with the new gallery view

Dalux now displays 360 photos in a gallery view, so you can easily find what you are looking for.

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Changed default filtering for SiteWalk and 360 photos

The most commonly used filters for SiteWalk and 360 photos have been added for quick access.

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Added an 'Undo' button when blurring 360 photos

Blurring can now be incrementally undone with the 'Undo' button. All blurring can still be removed in one go.

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DaluxIcon_test-plan.pngDaluxIcon_inspection-plan.png Test plans and inspection plans

Customize columns for test plans and inspection plans

A new column option has been added to test plans and inspection plans called 'Reference' that is used to fill out the information on the "base" for the test/inspection, such as drawing or description.

In the settings of each test plan and inspection plan, you can choose to hide specific columns that are not needed to make the view of a plan less cluttered.

DA-50850 Hide test- and inspection plan columns.png


ReleaseNotes_infrafield-large.png InfraField

Longitudinal sections

We are improving the display of alignments by showing only the necessary sections. In addition, we are adding a graph view to the sections to provide more detailed information about the height and distance along the alignment. You will be able to adjust the height of the graph and zoom in and out on the x-axis.

DA-39444 Longitudal sections.png

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Terrain models

A terrain type option for models has been added to InfraField projects, making it possible to differentiate between regular models and daluxicon_terrain.pngTerrain models. This allows you to separate terrain and model information in the top-down view, where both would otherwise be visible, potentially leaving the model obscured by the terrain.

The terrain models are available via the daluxicon_surroundings.pngSurroundings button and can be converted from regular to terrain models in DaluxIcon_settings.pngSettings.

DA-59340 Add terrain model type for infra areas.png

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Colorize zones by their properties

Zones and zone layers in InfraField can be colorized according to their properties. You can select which property to colorize, in the zones window, by pressing the DaluxIcon_palette.png-icon.

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ReleaseNotes_handover.png Handover

Building and level metadata shown for assets with multiple locations

If an asset has multiple locations across different buildings and levels, the list view will show each building/level separated by a comma.

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ReleaseNotes_handover.png.png Owners Portal

Adjusted folder structure to better align with Field.

The structure of the folder in the Owners Portal has been modified to match the view in Field. This includes rearranging the menus and creating a work package division for all categories to mirror the UI in Field.

DA-52026 Owners portal adjusted folder structure.png

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Home: New columns in the list view

New columns have been added to the list view of the DaluxIcon_home.pngHome tab, detailing the individual export filters for each of the types of registrations.

DA-65128-52030 Owners portal home columns.png

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