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Release 2024.2 (Click here to read the release notes)


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Release 2024.1

Release 2023.7

Release 2023.6

Release 2023.5

Release 2023.4

Release 2023.3

Release 2023.2

Release 2023.1

Release 2022.7

Release 2022.6

Release 2022.5

Release 2022.4

Release 2022.3

Release 2022.2

Release 2022.1

Release 2021.9

Release 2021.8


Release 2024.1 (Click here to read the release notes)


Release 2023.7 (Click here to read the release notes)

No video for this release. Please check the written release notes here: Build Release Notes 2023.7


Release 2023.6 (Here is the link to the written release notes)


Release 2023.5 (Here is the link to the written release notes)


Release 2023.4 (Here is the link to the written release notes)


Release 2023.3 (Here is the link to the written release notes)

Company profile

00:19 Lock specific task-, approval- and checklist templates

01:08 File naming templates in the project standard

01:49 Create/update companies from Excel-import


02:54 Custom metadata on QR-codes

03:59 Color by property on web

04:44 Filter improvements

06:23 Add tags instead of “In-list”

07:08 Alignment improvements


08:05 GIS subgroups

08:20 WMTS support


09:14 Extended options for opening files in new tab

10:00 View more metadata columns when comparing


10:59 View what Field tasks are linked to Apartment issues

11:25 View task ID and status in the Apartments module

11:41 Copy “Unit” information to Field task when linking from Apartment issue

12:12 Export test-/inspection plan matrices


12:38 Select multiple Assets in Locations

12:57 Import products from projects to the Company profile

13:26 Status indication on assets in Locations and list view


Release 2023.2 (Here is the link to the written release notes)


00:20 Custom maps in the mobile app


00:55 UI improvements for Box


01:58 Change SiteWalk paths using the calendar in the mobile app

02:43 Filtering on rooms in the mobile app will highlight the rooms

03:23 Link a task to existing tasks on mobile

03:55 Tasks raised from a checklist will take the name of the checklist field as subject

04:36 Tasks raised from an inspection plan will take the name of the inspection point as subject

04:57 Duplicate checklists with hold point

05:36 Return hold points more than one step on mobile


Release 2023.1 (Here is the link to the written release notes)

General update

00:18 Create charts from headers in a list view


01:03 Rooms in 3D

02:00 Expand all properties

02:32 Angles on measurements


02:51 Revision formatting

04:27 Status linked to file area

06:23 Duplicate file flow templates

06:58 Default filters for comments

07:50 Save comment-filters as group-filters


08:21 Templates for meetings

09:46 Make changes on active meetings

10:38 Meeting items in list view


12:00 Quantities

15:10 Attach files from linked task when changing the status of a task

15:35 Name of checklists fields will automatically be transferred to the subject of the task

16:05 Links to tasks, approvals and checklists reports from an Excel-export

16:30 Associate checklists to workflows in a project standard

17:14 Property suggestions for BIM- and Zone property fields


17:42 Analytics for Handover as progress dashboards 

18:46 Accessing products on the Company Profile from projects

19:37 Create Assets directly from Products


Release 2022.7 (Here is the link to the written release notes)


00:24 Move measure to main menu


00:45 SiteWalk visible on app

01:18 Create task when a certain list-item is selected on forms

02:14 Filter on rooms

02:39 New zone property field for tasks, approvals and forms

03:21 See Hold point checklist "header" fields in task folders in the mobile app

03:37 Filter on Hold point checklist in the mobile app

03:51 Discontinue tasks in the mobile app when linking to a new task

04:13 N/A option in RG-field safety checklist

04:33 Include help documents when downloading forms as PDF in the mobile app


04:59 See the latest published Box files from the main menu in the mobile app


Release 2022.6 (Here is the link to the written release notes)


00:00 2022.6 release

00:21 Improved user interface in locations

01:27 Search function on map

01:45 GIS file support improvements

02:39 Map layers from URL

03:17 Zone from alignment files

04:21 Advance configuration for coordinate systems

05:20 Place vertical section drawings in infrastructure


06:23 See if a task is linked to tasks, approvals or comments from the list view

06:57 Change a forms work package association from the template

07:25 Add photos from Photo albums to registrations

07:56 Adjust colors for the Weekly safety inspection report when using "Count"

08:34 SiteWalk – Support for Ricoh Theta Z1

08:45 Reopen approved checklists with hold points


09:18 Empty value for list-metadata when uploading files

10:07 More bulk edit option for comment properties


10:34 Products added to the list view of Handover

10:58 History is now available on products

11:15 Multiple Asset creation from BIM models in Locations

Company profile

12:40 Forms in the Company overview

12:40 Attach forms to test- and inspection plans in the library


Release 2022.5 (Here is a link to the written release notes)


00:13 New Satellite view

00:49 Center lines and Cross Sections

01:37 Lines in 3D

02:05 Metadata in Zones


02:17 Improvements for work packages and workflows

03:42 Notify for checklists

04:08 Checklist templates can be locked by a company admin

04:29 New export options for 360 photos and photo albums

04:54 Improved weather reporting for Daily Log

05:34 New export options for Owners Portal

06:09 Apartment owners can now only see their own apartment

06:33 Apartment admins can create issues on behalf of the apartment owners

07:05 Apartment admins can export the issues from the list


07:35 Set deadline for file flows

09:23 Set status change in approval-/authorization flow

09:23 Change status during manual approval/authorization


12:03 Add attachments to meeting items


12:47 Assets placed on Map

13:39 Expanding Excel export/import possibilities

General updates:

14:46 New "My personal settings“

15:10 Improvements for analytics


Release 2022.4 (Here is a link to the written release notes) 

00:16    Site walk             


01:57     Show filters on mobile app          


02:23     Daily log

04:49     New checklist-item: Photos & attachments

05:09     Add photo from Photo album to registrations

05:34     Use checklist templates on multiple workflows

06:03     Test- and inspections plan improvements

06:11     Planned inspection registrations can now be toggled between a positive or negative registration.

06:43     All planned registration will now be visible as placeholders


Release 2022.3 (Here is a link to the written release notes)

1:11 Sitewalk


2:02 Place vertical drawings to the model

3:28 Create zones on map

4:05 3D snapping in browser

4:34 Property groups in search and filters


5:18 Field Admin

5:28 Change paper size when printing overview drawing

5:39 Bulk export of test- and inspection plans

6:20 Version history for task templates

6:41 Reuse list values from other checklist templates

7:06 Safety report on the dashboard


7:52 Versions in Files/Shared/Published

8:53 Add files from Review Package/Version set/Dist.list

9:25 Required file naming templates

10:15 Close permission for communication channels

11:32 Multi viewpoint support for comments

12:05 Comments in Navisworks


14:16 Link tasks and comments to meeting items

15:08 Add deadline to meeting items

15:19 Set permissions per meeting type


15:55 Create asset from BIM filter

16:25 Import from COBie

17:37 Task templates

18:12 Set document type as required

18:33 Import template from DaluxFM

18:57 Change history on assets

19:26 Duplicate assets

Company profile:

19:54 New project creation dialog

20:21 Make project metadata mandatory

20:55 Announcement supports links



Release 2022.2

General update

00:48 Scan QR codes in offline mode

01:20 Add users to default user groups from mobile

02:00 Multi-Factor Authentication


02:40 Combine multiple BIM filters


03:36 Shortcut for attaching files and tasks to checklist-items

04:04 Conditions for hold points-skip hold points

05:26 Group hold point checklists

05:49 Quick filters for checklists-forms

06:06 Sort tasks by creation date

06:37 Activities

09:42 Apartments


Release 2022.1


0:20 Meetings

Company Profile

4:25 Set user groups and workflows in project standard

5:14 Create custom dashboards

6:57 Hold point templates in Field library

7:32 Export list of all tasks

7:59 Announcements

8:36 Improvements for VAT mapping of business partners


9:21 General improvements

10:26 Buildings on map

10:58 Show zones on map

11:16 Show zones in 3D

11:40 Assign elevation to drawings (Infra)

11:28 Assign color to GIS overlay (Infra)


13:31 New column for “Overdue time”

13:57 Photo album improvements


15:00 Copy link of comments

15:48 Browse through comments

16:14 Search for all activities in comments

16:52 Comments “Notify” in list view

17:15 Bulk-edit of comments

17:40 New markup tools for comments

18:15 Better viewing of comments on drawings


18:58 Include folders when adding from Box

19:49 Export file table from “All files”

20:16 List view of bidders


20:54 Standard global classification systems

22:01 Observer role in Handover

22:22 Improved product selection on Assets

23:08 Task trigger on return status for Assets

General update:

23:33 New view mode for the list views


Release 2021.09


0:06 UI improvements

1:04 2D snapping

1:20 3D snapping (Desktop only)

1:47 New filter options for 3D object groups

2:17 BIM Analysis

3:29 Combined map and infrastructure view

3:49 Different map types


4:40 Hold points - improved template editing

5:12 Hold points - Approvers can now return more than one step

5:44 Hold points - Group by work package

6:06 Safety - Subcategories added as help text on categories

6:40 Link tasks to Box comments


7:52 Delivery address for print orders

8:22 Rejection responsible displayed in the file header

7:23 Add files to 'all files'

7:55 UI improvements to Review packages


8:44 List of All files within the tender documents

9:01 Include folder structure when downloading from All files

9:27 Invite bidders based on their location

9:21 Estimated cost on planned maintenance


10:12 Import assets from BIM

11:12 Templates/Properties/Products on company profile

12:06 Improving the product concept

General updates

14:16 Drill-down - Data analytics

Company profile

15:31 Create business partners from a VAT-number

15:55 Add safety workflows to project standards

16:24 BIM Color library


Release 2021.08


00:15 +/- counter for integer-field for checklists

00:55 UI improvement for planned checks for test- and inspections plans

01:27 Switch between OK and Not OK when doing inspections

02:06 Safety: Red/Green for safety inspection


03:05 Personal-, group- and work package BIM filters

04:15 Change point size for point clouds

04:39 Show satellite map

05:21 Tekla Plugin



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